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Best Images of Insects- Wallpaper

 Top 5 best images of insects

Here are the five best images of insects that live around us, but before that lets know some very interesting facts about insects.

In this blog you will learn about 

What are insects?

Insects are one of the most astonishing components of nature. It is because of them many plants have managed to prosper from millions of years. These are known as 'Pancrustacean hexapod invertebrates'.

Insecta or Insects are considered to be the largest group within the arthropod phylum, they have a continuous exoskeleton which has a three part body consisting head, thorax and abdomens. There body consist three pairs of jointed legs, one pair of antennae and compound eyes.

Right now it is estimated that over 90% of animal life on our planets are insects, representing almost all known living organisms.

How many species of Insects are present

Insects on our planet were present before the dinosaurs and are still flourishing. Fossilized insects of gigantic sizes are found from the Paleozoic Era. Insects can be found in nearly all environments although only few live in the oceans. The total number of species are expected to be between six million and ten million. 

How Insects Grow

Almost all insects hatch from eggs. Their development is controlled by breaking out from their exoskeleton. Often times their young stage appears different from their adult stage. like butterflies, some insects live under water when they are nymphs and as they grow they start to fly. Dragonflies are such examples. Almost every insect goes through a process call metamorphosis in when they grow from larvae to adults. 


Those group of insects which goes under four-stage metamorphosis include a passive pupal stage and those which goes under three stage metamorphosis lack a pupal stage.   

Relationship with humans

Insects are both good and bad for us and other animals and plants, like honeybees work hard and collect pollen, fertilize flowers and produce honey while on the other hand insects like flies and mosquitos carry parasites which causes illness and disease.

Insects which are considered as carrying disease are referred as pests. these insects carry parasites which they inject in our bodies while sucking blood, example: lice, bed bugs, etc., some insects destroys structure such as termites many tends to destroy crops and agricultural goods, example: locusts and weevils. some insects help to clean the environment by breaking down dead and rotting elements. 

Top 5 Best images of Insects

Here are top five best images of insects.

Top five best Image-Black Butterfly

Top five best insect image-Blue Butterfly

Top five best Insect images-Honey Bees

Top five best insect image-Moth

Top five best Insect image-Dragonfly


In this article we came across some knowledge about insect life. we covered some deep aspects of insect life forms and their relationship with us. not only wants to provide the top five best images but also wants to enhance the knowledge of our viewers.

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